Perennials can be grown in various types of production facilities; the cultural practices and production schedules should be customized for each type of environment.

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Perennial Solutions Consulting is committed to providing quality services to the Floriculture and Horticulture Industries. Commercial production of perennials in greenhouses and nurseries is my specialty. Perennial Solutions Consulting helps commercial operations achieve their goals, improve plant quality, reduce production costs, decrease crop losses, deliver flowering perennials to the market, and improve their success and profitability. These services are confidential and completely customizable to fit your production practices.


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The Definitive Perennial Reference The new book by Paul Pilon, Perennial Solutions, is a must-have reference if you are involved in the production of containerized perennials. He has compiled a comprehensive set of production methods for most perennial species in commercial production including scheduling, forcing, and height control. We all know production methods vary from one area of the country to another (as they should), but having a good reference for a starting point is very important. We have a copy at each of our locations here in Texas and have enjoyed having Paul consult with us. -Mark Clemmons, Seville Farms Inc.

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