Perennials Solutions Consulting helps growers produce high quality plants which make great displays such as this one from Garden Crossings.

Consulting Benefits

Forming Profitable Partnerships

There are many benefits your business receives when forming a consultantship with Perennial Solutions Consulting. Most importantly, you gain an ally who looks out for your business, an outside perspective to bring insight into your production practices, and a mutually beneficial partnership built around bringing value to your operation. I deliver a practical and realistic approach to solving problems and improving production practices using experience and up-to-date technical information.

No two greenhouses or nurseries are alike; it is not uncommon for each operation to have very different production practices based on their location or customer base. Perennial Solutions Consulting customizes its services to fit your operation and provides the necessary support and training along the way.

Ultimately, my services add value to your business by improving crop quality, providing the ability to deliver plants to the market at the right stage of development and on time, reducing crop production times, decreasing crop losses, and reducing input costs such as fertilizers, growing media, and energy costs. My goals are to satisfy your objectives, make myself available to your business to whatever extent necessary, and to provide exceptional service resulting in added value to your organization.

Please contact me at your convenience to discuss how Perennial Solutions Consulting can be your partner towards profitability.

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