Perennial Solutions: A Grower's Guide to Perennial Production

A comprehensive resource for perennial growers containing over 500 pages of up-to-date technical and cultural information.



'Perennial Solutions' compiles the many aspects of commercial perennial production into one easy-to-use reference. Applying up-to-date technical and cultural information to the everyday production of perennial crops; this guide is specifically devoted to producing perennials under greenhouse and nursery conditions. This invaluable resource gives growers an understanding of the principles behind production practices, enhancing their ability to consistently provide high-quality perennials to the marketplace. The current demand for perennials is strong, and this market continues to expand. Unfortunately, the economy, increased competition, and the costs of energy have created a tough business environment for many growers to maintain profitability. Perennial growers essentially have to produce the highest quality crops as efficiently as possible to retain a competitive advantage over other producers. 'Perennial Solutions' focuses on the necessary cultural information and other topics specific to commercially producing perennials to help growers successfully grow these crops. With this information, growers can increase their success and take advantage of the numerous opportunities available with perennial crops.

Chapters in 'Perennial Solutions' include:

  • An Introduction to Perennials
  • Properties of Growing Mixes
  • Fertility for Perennials
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Diseases of Perennials
  • Insects, Mites, and Other Pest of Perennials
  • Controlling Weeds in Perennials
  • Controlling Plant Height of Perennial Crops
  • Perennial Propagation
  • Forcing Perennials
  • Overwintering Perennials
  • Perennial Profiles

This comprehensive book, written by an experienced grower and consultant to businesses, should prove quite useful to commercial perennial producers.

A MUST-HAVE for every perennial grower!