Paul Pilon

Experience Matters

Paul received a degree in Horticulture from Michigan State University and has over 26 years of professional horticulture experience. Throughout his career, Paul focused on researching and improving various aspects of production to improve crop quality, decrease production losses and simplify cultural practices.

For the past 20 years, he has authored over 500 articles and continues to write for numerous trade publications. Paul is currently the Editor-at-Large for Ball Publishing's Perennial Pulse-newsletter which reaches over 33,000 subscribers each month and has a bimonthly column called "Paul Talks Perennials" in GrowerTalks magazine. He's also authored a book titled, Perennial Solutions: A Growers Guide to Perennial Production

When Paul was a horticultural consultant he was a contract researcher and helped growers nationally and internationally as a horticultural consultant for 'Perennial Solutions Consulting' which he founded over 15 years ago. His motivation, desire to continue learning, and passion to help others succeed makes Paul an invaluable resource to horticultural businesses throughout the United States and Internationally.

In his new role as Technical Manager at OHP, Inc., Paul continues his research interests as he'll help OHP develop products for greenhouse and nursery growers throughout the United States. 

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