Pandemic Perennial Program (PPP)

Remote Horticulture Consulting

Don’t let the pandemic stop or slow down the progress of your perennials.

Consider using my Remote Horticultural Consulting Program

Professional off-site support to solve production challenges, improve your perennial programs and to increase your overall successes.

How does it work?

  • Submit digital images for visual diagnosis.
  • Ask propagation and production related questions.
  • Inquire about planting procedures and maintenance activities.
  • Obtain a second opinion to support your ideas and provide a differing point of view.
  • Reinforce cultural practices and decisions.
  • Verify fungicide, inscecticide, and PGR effective products and rates.
  • Obtain scheduling and forcing recommendations.
  • Discuss production problems and develop practical solutions.

The Details...

  • The subscription to the Remote Horticulture Consulting program runs in consecutive months by calendar date starting at initiation and continues through the duration of the package or time frame purchased.
  • During the subscription period, the client will receive up to 2 hours of Remote Horticulture Consulting services for each month they subscribe.
  • The Remote Horticulture Consulting program does NOT include on-site visitations, contract research or customized projects. 

How much does it cost?

4 Packages to Meet Your Requirements (Mention the PPP promotion to get this special pricing)

  1. Monthly ($180.00)
  2. Buy 3 months - save 10% (3 months for $486.00)
  3. Buy 6 months get 1 month free - save 16.7% (7 months for $1,080.00)
  4. Buy 10 months get 2 months free - save 20% (12 months for $1,800.00)

Provide your growers and production staff with the resources they need to improve crop quality, decrease losses, and avoid costly mistakes.

Remote Horticulture Consulting provides right sized, high value, just-in-time remote assistance.

Contact me at or 616-366-8588 to discuss your needs and how your company can benefit from my Remote Horticultural Consulting Services.