Perennial Solutions Consulting Resource Center

Ball Horticultural Company
Industry leader in horticultural products included seeds, unrooted cuttings, liners, and plugs.

One of the leading plant breeding companies world wide specializing in bedding plants, perennials, potted crops, and cut flowers.

C. Raker & Sons, Inc (Raker's)
Leader in annual and perennial plug production.

Fall Creek Blueberry Farm & Nursery

Wholesale grower who specializes in propagating and growing blueberries.

Greenwood Propagation

Producer and supplier of many hard to find domestically grown bare root perennials including Epimedium and Polygonatum.

Source of groundcovers, perennials and Green Roof plants.

Jellito Seeds
Offers a wide selection of commercially produced and novelty perennial seeds.

Kieft Pro Seeds
Source of quality seeds of numerous bedding plants, perennials, and potted crops.

Northwest Horticulture
Source of perennial unrooted cuttings, liners, plugs, and finished containers.

Skagit Gardens
Source of perennial and annual plugs and liners.

Swift Greenhouses
Source of quality annual, perennial, and vegetable plugs.

Syngenta Horticultural Services
One of the leading suppliers of starting materials to the industry.

Terra Nova Nurseries
Wholesale/ Perennials and annuals for the plant enthusiast.

Walters Gardens, Inc
Well respected source of bareroot and perennial liners.

Reputable source of unrooted cuttings and liners of perennials, mums, and other crops.

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